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Ulric Roberts | Dance with the gods


TITLE Dance with the gods
MEDIUM Oil on canvas
DIMENSIONS 80 x 70 cm
MADE IN Concordia, Namaqualand. 2016

Inclusive of 15% VAT, exclusive of packaging and transport.


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In the Khoi Khoi, San and Nama customs and lifestyle, dance played an integral part in social activities, spirit and emotional awareness and in trance healing. Trance dancing and storytelling almost went hand in hand by where the hunter or the shaman used the dance as an educational tool to illustrate to the clan the character and the nature of the animal. Trance dancing was the method and the key into the spirit world, where God, man and the animal kingdom were the same thing.

The dance is still part of traditional and the modern Khoi-San and Nama culture. The Namastap, /kabra and Ostrich Riel dance is still being practices and it has become a celebration of cultural heritage.

The painting describes an enchant movement that transcends the modern world into the past. The dancers dressed in modern clothing is transcending through the dance into the Spiritual world where they can dance with the gods.


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