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My childhood memories


My childhood memories (2014)

Artist | Bangikaya Maqoqa
Monotype on Zerkall Intaglio 300gsm
Unique Print
Paper dimension |  90 cm x 129,7 cm
Image dimension | 59,6cm  x 99,4 cm

Price | Inclusive of frame, 15% VAT, exclusive of packaging and transport



Bangikaya Maqoqa’s first collaboration with Warren Editions print studio has yielded a series of exquisite, brightly coloured monotypes.

His chosen subject matter of cattle grazing and bulls knocking horns are set in landscapes reminiscent of the Eastern Cape of South Africa. His vibrant use of colour and gestural brushstrokes draw the viewer into the dreamlike scenes of his youth. Solitary figures go about their daily routine in their rural area, walking across grassy hills.

As a painter this was Maqoqa’s introduction to the monotype technique, and although challenging, Maqoqa’s skill as a painter is clearly evident in his clever use of colour. Not only was this a learning and exploratory process for Maqoqa but a chance for Warren Editions to push large scale monotypes.

Maqoqa was born in the town of Butterworth in the Eastern Cape of South Africa in 1966. He completed a two-year visual studies course at the Community Arts Project (CAP) in Cape Town. He has participated in mentoring programs at the Bagfactory (Fordsburg art studios) in Johannesburg and has done residencies at the Greatmore Studios in Cape Town. Maqoqa’s work has been exhibited at the AVA Gallery in Cape Town and at Johannesburg group exhibitions

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