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Jill Trappler | So much in return (vii)


EDITION So much in return (vii)
DIMENSIONS 49 x 38 cm
WEIGHT 200 gm
COMPOSITION Silkscreen Print
MADE IN Cape Town, South Africa, 2014

Inclusive of 15% VAT, exclusive of packaging and transport.



Silkscreen prints made at Caversham Press with Malcolm Christian; 2014

Title; “So much in return”.

My ongoing concern with beauty was enriched by working with Malcolm. He had taken an in-depth interest in my paintings and we were able to start our studio work almost with out hesitation.

He suggested I work within a hand drawn, descriptive outline, almost a stencil shape that floated in the vertical format. This became the predetermined shape that contained the inner work for the exploration with water-based colors, including paint and crayons.

The monotypes were made in this way; my memory carries moments of revelation as the prints were unfurled from the press and the drying process revealed the unique images.

Malcolm had taken time finding connections with the paintings I was making and then nudging me through the making process; Malcolm having the skills and information and me exploring and discovering.

The work hovers with the uniqueness of this collaboration and very gently carries some in the beauty that Malcolm and the studio environment infuse; so much of what I was looking for was given to me.

Jill Trappler. January 2022

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